Outline of Accounting

We offer comprehensive support for accounting services, tailored to Japanese subsidiaries and other entities. Our expertise includes the preparation of financial statements and other accounting records, covering both monthly and annual financial statements, as well as reporting in English. Additionally, we provide customized reporting packages specifically designed by overseas parent companies.

Basic Services

  • Preparation of various accounting documents such as journals and ledgers
  • Preparation of monthly closing and monthly financial statements (Japanese/English)
  • Preparation of annual closing and annual financial statements (Japanese/English)
  • Preparation and management of fixed asset registers
  • Preparation of statutory reports and depreciable fixed asset declaration forms

Customized Services

  • Preparation of various reports tailored to client's requests

Service Flow

Accounting services begin with a comprehensive understanding of the business and activities of Japanese subsidiary or other entities. To better understand the required deliverables, we may hold detailed discussions with the financial team of the foreign parent company.

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  • Discussions

    Hold detailed discussions with the foreign parent company to gather information about the projected income and expenses of the Japanese operations. Taking into consideration Japan's accounting standards and tax regulations, we can then share with the client the expected financial statement for the Japanese entity.

  • Preparation

    Upon obtaining the accounting information used within the corporate group from the foreign parent company, we configure the accounting application for the service. Additionally, if monthly financial reporting packages or other reports need to be created, we acquire template files and analyze the report structure.

  • Monthly Closing

    Based on the accounting data of the Japanese entity, we perform monthly closing duties and report the results to the foreign parent company. Based on this report, the financial team of the foreign parent company may raise inquiries, which we address after confirming the details. This completes the monthly closing process.

  • Annual Closing - Part 1

    Regarding the annual closing process, we may engage in discussions with the foreign parent company. As needed, we may also obtain materials from the foreign parent company and analyze them to proceed with the annual closing process. After completing the annual closing process, we prepare annual financial statements and report to the foreign parent company. The process may conclude after further discussion with the financial team of the overseas foreign parent company.

  • Annual Closing - Part 2

    For tax declaration purposes, we provide the financial statements to licensed tax accountants or tax firms, as well as handle inquiries regarding the contents. Additionally, based on the accounting records, we prepare statutory reports and depreciable fixed asset declaration forms.

Other Services




For inquiries or consultations regarding our services, please contact us through the contact form. Also, please refer to our FAQs for a list of frequently asked questions about our services.