We respond swiftly to client requests with flexibility, addressing their challenges and providing support to find effective solutions. To ensure utmost client satisfaction with BPM's services, we are committed to continuously enhancing our strengths.
BPM's Five Key Strengths

5 strengths

  • Credibility & Achievements
  • Experienced and Bilingual Staff
  • Integrity & Flexibility
  • All-in-One Support Services
  • IT Security & Data Integrity
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    Credibility & Achievements

    With 37 years of experience, BPM has earned trust and recognition from over 700 multinational companies across diverse industries, including banking, securities, IT, and more.

  • 02

    Experienced and Bilingual Staff

    Our team is equipped with a high level of specialized knowledge, practical skills and extensive experience, as well as proficiency in English which is essential for smooth communication with clients.

  • 03

    Integrity & Flexibility

    We approach our clients with sincerity, conduct our work with a strong sense of professional ethics, and respond to their requests with flexibility.

  • 04

    All-in-One Support Services

    We have established a professional network in collaboration with experts such as certified public accountants, labor and social security attorneys, and lawyers. At BPM, we offer a wide range of services seamlessly, providing a comprehensive one-stop solution for our clients.

  • 05

    IT Security & Data Integrity

    We securely manage and operate highly confidential client data within a robust security environment. Ensuring the "integrity of data," we take comprehensive measures to safeguard against risks such as information leaks and unauthorized access.


Foreign companies establish subsidiaries or other entities, hire employees and begin doing business in Japan. As stakeholders, the foreign parent companies require timely updates on the status of their Japanese operations. Simultaneously, the Japanese operation aims to comply with local regulations and ensure smooth business operations in Japan.
BPM, equipped with a team of bilingual Japanese and English-speaking staff, provides tailored Accounting, Payroll, and Cash Managements to meet Japan's regulatory requirements for Japanese entities. We also prioritize proper reporting to the overseas parent company, ensuring we fulfill their specific requirements. Moreover, in addition to our BPO services, we maintain a professional network of specialized experts to offer services such as taxation and social insurance.
Recognizing the utmost importance of handling sensitive data, we consistently strengthen information security through measures like cybersecurity protocols and staff awareness initiatives. By safeguarding critical information assets, we ensure secure management and operation, earning the trust of our valued clients.

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Accounting Accounting Accounting Accounting


We offer comprehensive support for accounting services, tailored to Japanese subsidiaries and other entities. Our expertise includes the preparation of financial statements and other accounting records, covering both monthly and annual financial statements, as well as reporting in English. Additionally, we provide customized reporting packages specifically designed by overseas parent companies.

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We provide payroll services to employees of Japanese subsidiaries and related entities. With focus on accuracy and efficiency, we handle calculation of monthly payroll, bonus, retirement benefits, etc. Furthermore, we also offer payroll services to expatriates assigned to Japanese subsidiaries by their overseas parent companies.

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Cash Management

Through our comprehensive service, you can entrust us with managing bank accounts for your Japanese subsidiaries and other entities. We efficiently handle vendor payments, employee salaries, reimbursements, and tax payments on your behalf. As an external service provider, we take charge of account management, freeing your Japanese operations to concentrate on your core business activities without the burden of financial administration. Our approach ensures not only a secure financial management process, but also minimizes the risk of improper use of funds.

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Management Support

For foreign companies entering the Japanese market, we offer comprehensive startup and management support. Collaborating closely with a diverse team of specialists, including certified public tax accountants, labor and social security attorneys, lawyers, and other professionals, we provide seamless, all-in-one support services. Our combined expertise establishes a solid foundation for your successful entry and smooth operations in Japan.

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  • Accounting Accounting
  • Payroll Accounting
  • Cash Management Accounting
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