Computer Systems

BPM’s Application Software and Security

In our accounting and payroll services, we developed and operate our own application software which reflected the service know-how we acquired over the years. Since we provide our services with on-premises software, it ensures high level of security for clients’ data.

Customized for Foreign Companies

It is absolutely necessary to customize the application to (1) allow prompt and appropriate adherence to Japanese rules and (2) comply with requests from clients from various countries. Our application software make it possible to handle those tasks that general-purpose package software cannot handle.

Promote Webifying

Accounting Services: Developed an application software, “Sky Office”

We rebuilt our accounting software in view of enhancement of work efficiency and webifying. We made it possible to bring together both the web environment and the clients’ needs in such a way that was not previously possible. In addition, management in the overseas HQ is able to view “Real-time” financial data so as to be able to make quick decisions. BPM is thus able to provide additional value via this application, “Sky Office”.

Payroll Services: Move from a paper-based pay slips to “e-payslip” service

By moving to paperless payslips, clients can minimize the risk of leaked confidential data as compared to paper payslips that are manually distributed. Also clients can save the cost on services to mailing/distribution of paper-payslips. “E-payslips” are environmentally friendly (obtaining ISO14001 certification), and help to promote an ECO-office environment.

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