All-in-One Service

Provide varied selection of services as One-Stop

We provide clients’ back office functions as All-in-One service. Daily bookkeeping, accounting, payroll processing, cash control management – as well as social & labor insurance services, legal support and tax compliance via our professional network – as a seamless one-stop service. We have successfully arranged for high quality services as a result of responding to clients’ needs since our company was originally established.

Contribution to clients’ concentration to their core business

Outsourcing to different firms by task or field can lead to additional liaison work on the part of the primary contact person. By outsourcing to BPM as an All-in-One service, the person is able to consolidate the liaison work and reduce the workload. We support clients so that they can concentrate on their core business. All-in-One service leads to not only a cost reduction, but also with added-value.

Data Security Management / Prevention of illicit access to confidential data

Outsourcing back office functions as All-in-One is to the advantage of clients in managing their confidential data. We store clients’ confidential data within our secure environment so that there is no need for clients to keep such data by themselves. We developed an organizational structure that clients find dependable to prevent illicit access to confidential matters, as well as gives priority to risk management.

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