Management Support Service

BPM’s long and extensive interaction with multinational clients can be of great benefit to clients, especially in the area of management. Our firm has the experience to provide clients with practical ‘know-how’, and this helps our clients to concentrate on their core business.

Initially, BPM can provide start-up support services, such as:
  • introductions to legal/tax advisors,
  • assistance with company formation, and
  • preparation & filing of initial reports to the authorities.
Thereafter, BPM can provide routine services, such as:
  • representative for legal entity,
  • safekeeping of registered corporate seal, and
  • advising on day-to-day operational matters.
BPM’s services can also be tailored to meet specific client requirements, such as:
  • temporary management appointments,
  • safekeeping of documents, and
  • assistance with liquidation procedures.
In BPM’s experience, new operations in Japan may encounter management matters that are different as compared to those in the home country, such as:
  • requirement of at least one Japan resident (regardless of nationality) for legal entity,
  • use of corporate seal (chop) rather than signatures and
  • filings for change in corporate matters (directorships, address, etc.).

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