Payroll Service

BPM provides support for human resource management, primarily in the area of payroll. Our firm works quite frequently with the overseas human resource department to help ensure compliance with corporate policies, as well as securely manage all confidential information.

Initially, BPM can provide start-up support services, such as:
  • liaison with the Parent Company regarding local human resource matters,
  • assistance with preparation of payroll policies/procedures, and
  • establishment of employees’ personal data on payroll system.
Thereafter, BPM can provide ongoing services, such as:
  • payroll and bonus calculations,
  • payment of net salaries, bonuses and withholding taxes, and
  • year-end adjustments of withholding income tax.
BPM’s services can also be tailored to meet specific client requirements, such as:
  • gross-up payroll or bonus calculations,
  • retirement allowance or severance calculations, and
  • preparation of journal entries.
In BPM’s experience, new operations in Japan may encounter payroll matters that are different as compared to those in the home country, such as:
  • separate processing of salary vs. bonuses,
  • payout of retirement allowances (severances), and
  • year-end adjustment of withholding income tax.

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