Professional Network

We have a close tie-up with other professionals such as Licensed Tax Accountants, Certified Social Insurance & Labor Consultants, Lawyers and Administrative Scriveners.

The network supports clients who are planning to start-up business in Japan. In addition to BPM’s All-in-One service, the network is able to provide seamless, One-Stop service such as Tax Consulting and Social Insurance & Labor Consulting. Thus, we can comprehensively assist clients in a wide range of issues based upon professional knowledge and expertise in various fields.

BPM, at the convenience of clients, can be the point of contact and will coordinate with the network on behalf of clients.

Our network includes a strong working relationship with Big 4 firms with whom we have a history of mutual trust.

If clients are looking for a separate contract, we can make the proper introduction to the concerned professionals.

For further informaition or inquiry

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