Cash Control Management Service

BPM has separated the function of cash control management to provide for a secure, but essential, back-office support. Our firm is committed to assisting clients in the management of funds between the overseas headquarters and the local Japan entity, and this helps in reducing the risk of inappropriate use.

Initially, BPM can provide start-up support services, such as:
  • assistance with preparation of cash disbursement policies,
  • ordering bank seal, and
  • opening of bank account(s).
Thereafter, BPM can provide routine services, such as:
  • payment of various third party vendor invoices and employee expense reports,
  • monitor and reporting of accounts receivable, and
  • preparation of funding requests for upcoming expenditures.
BPM’s services can also be tailored to meet specific client requirements, such as:
  • custody of bank seal and bank passbook(s),
  • registration for automatic payment of certain expenditures, and
  • interfacing with the bank, including online banking.
In BPM’s experience, new operations in Japan may encounter cash management matters that are different as compared to those in the home country, such as:
  • use of bank seal (chop) rather than signatures,
  • use of savings account rather than checking account and
  • lack of detail on A/R collections.

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