Privacy policy


Privacy policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

BPM Associates,Inc.(here in after referred to as “BPM”) decides its policy on personal information protection as follows, in order to appropriately handle all personal information that are necessary for our service, to prove worthy of our clients’ trust as an enterprise and to fulfill social responsibility. BPM shall well inform its employees to comply by the policy and strive for continuous improvement.

  1. Compliance with Laws and Codes on Personal Information
    BPM shall comply with the Japanese laws, statutory guidelines and codes applicable to the handling of personal information.
  2. Handling of Personal Information
    BPM shall protect and manage personal information by defining its rules on handling personal information as well as functionalizing them effectively.
  3. Specification of the Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Information
    On collecting personal information, BPM shall specify its purpose of collection and usage, and obtain the person’s consent in advance. BPM shall process and use relevant personal information only under the prior agreed purpose.
  4. Insuring Safety on Personal Information
    BPM shall strive to insure the safety of personal information by paying close attention in taking preventative measures against illegal access to obtained personal information as well as loss, destruction,falsification and leakage of personal information.
  5. Provisions to Third Party
    BPM shall not provide any personal information to any third party without obtaining the consent of the person him/herself in advance., except in cases whereby the provision of personal information is based on laws.
  6. Inquiries on Personal Information
    BPM shall correspond with inquiries and complaints about personal information in an adequate, faithful and prompt manner.
  7. Continuous Improvement of the Management System for Personal Information Protection
    BPM shall endeavor to establish, implement and continuously improve its management system for personal information protection by conducting regular inspection on its operation, in order to appropriately maintain its personal information protection.

Contact address for Inquires on Personal Information

BPM Associates, Inc.
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